Friday, January 27, 2012

Arrest of Maqdisi citizen “Zakaria Hijazi”

Jerusalem Center of Media – Bayan Ju’ba – Asmaa Thaher

Occupation forces arrested today afternoon Maqdisi citizen- Zakaria Hegazy after beat him.

Eyewitnesses confirmed to us that a sharp controversy took place between Hijazi, who was near the police headquarters in Salah El-Din street and a member of the occupation police, which has evolved after that and then the policeman attacked Hijazi and arrested him.

Witnesses confirmed that Hijazi is known to all in the region that he is with special needs and that the police know that very well, but this did not satisfy him.

This accident recalled a similar incident to the citizens signed a year ago in the same street where the police assault also one of the mentally disabled and beaten by a number of soldiers and he still being held up to the moment

Arrest of Maqdisi citizen “Zakaria Hijazi”