Saturday, January 28, 2012

Marzouk: Hamas did a lot for reconciliation

CAIRO, (PIC)-- Dr. Musa Abu Marzouk, deputy head of the Hamas political bureau, said that his movement did a lot for reconciliation and carried out practical confidence-building steps on the ground, adding that his movement expects Fatah to carry out similar steps to progress with the reconciliation.

In an interview with the London-based al-Hayat newspaper published on Friday Dr. Marzouk refused to say who carries the responsibility for the slowness with which the reconciliation is progressing or to point the finger on who is hindering it.

He said that Hamas handed over Mahmoud Abbas’s house in Gaza to the Fatah movement, reopened the office of the election committee, reopened the passport office with all its employees before the split, allowed 80 Fatah members who fled Gaza after the split to return, released 27 out of 43 detained Fatah members and many other steps.

On the government, Marzouk said that work on this file should not be linked to the Quartets statement and said that it was agreed with Abbas to complete this file at the end of January after the Quartet meeting.

He further said that his movement was ready to start talks on this issue immediately.

Marzouk criticised the negotiations that took place in Amman between the PA and the Israeli occupation saying that they were against national unanimity.

Marzouk: Hamas did a lot for reconciliation