Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Red Cross urged to uncover fate of Palestinian detainee

JENIN, (PIC)-- The prisoners' center for studies appealed to the Red Cross to work on uncovering the fate of a Palestinian prisoner from Jenin refugee camp who has been barred from seeing his family for about seven months.
The center said the family of prisoner Khadr Dhabaya, 26, is very worried about the mysterious condition of their son after the prison administration started to prevent it from visiting him.
The last visit made by his family, according to the center, took place seven months ago. At the time his family reported he looked very pale with fatigue and his hands and feet were in chains.
The Israeli jailers have kept claiming since then that the prisoner himself does not want to see anyone, and this is unreasonable, according to his family.
The prisoner's sister said they resorted to many organizations defending the rights of Palestinian prisoners and hired lawyers to check on the condition of her brother, but they all failed to give them reassuring news about his condition.
"We as a family are worried about the fate of our son, and we have fears that something bad happened to him especially since the Israeli prison administration, which used to shackle his hands and feet during visits, started now to claim that he refuses visits," his sister stated on behalf of the family.   
Prisoner Khadr Dhabaya has spent nine years of his 16-year imprisonment sentence and was 17 years old when he was kidnapped and locked up in Israeli jails.
In another case, Ahrar center for prisoners' studies and human rights said on Monday that the Israeli prison administration ordered the reinterrogation of Palestinian prisoner Muhannad Kahil, from Qabatiya town, after he served nine years of his 10-year prison term. 

The center expressed concern that such an Israeli step is aimed at fabricating new charges against prisoner Kahil in order to extend his sentence which neared completion. 
The center appealed to international human rights organizations to urgently intervene to confront the Israeli attempt to keep this prisoner in jail for life under false charges and allegations.
For its part, the Arab league for detainees and ex-detainees warned of an imminent explosion in Israeli jails due to the deteriorating incarceration conditions of Palestinian prisoners.
The league said reports on the conditions of prisoners confirmed that the atmosphere inside all Israeli jails are very tense and tends to explode any moment as a result of serious violations being committed against the detainees.

It added that the administrations of Israeli jails keep pressuring and suppressing the prisoners through extending the solitary confinement of many of them, banning visits for fabricated security reasons, carrying out violent search raids on cells in addition to denying them many rights and refusing to improve their prison conditions as stipulated by the prisoner swap deal that Israel signed last year with Hamas Movement
Red Cross urged to uncover fate of Palestinian detainee