Saturday, January 28, 2012

Israeli soldiers attack peaceful marches in W. Bank villages

RAMALLAH, (PIC)-- Dozens of Palestinians were reportedly wounded on Friday afternoon during Israeli military attacks on peaceful marches organized weekly in different West Bank villages to protest the expansion of settlements and the segregation wall at the expense of Palestinian lands.

In Masarah village near Bethlehem city, Israeli soldiers attacked foreign activists and Palestinians after they marched towards the Palestinian lands behind the segregation wall. Two of the peaceful protestors sustained injuries after they were severely beaten by soldiers, a spokesman for Masarah popular committee reported.

In addition to the slogans chanted and banners carried against settlement activities, the protestors in Masarah dedicated their weekly march to condemn Israel's detention of Palestinian lawmakers.

Al-Khalil city also saw a massive rally organized after the Friday prayers to peacefully protest Israel's annexation of Palestinian lands in Tel Rumeida village.

The Israeli occupation forces also suppressed the weekly march that took place in Kafr Qaddum village.

Despite the soldiers' attacks, and the rainy and cold weather conditions, the Kafr Qaddum villagers along with foreign activists kept marching and chanting slogans calling for escalating the popular resistance until the liberation of all Palestine.

In another march organized in Bil'in village near Ramallah city, the occupation forces also used tear gas grenades, rubber bullets, and waste water against the protestors causing many injuries among them.

One Palestinian photographer was deliberately shot in his two legs with rubber bullets and many Palestinian and foreign protestors suffocated and puked as a result of the large amount of tear gas and waster water used against Bil'in march.

Israeli soldiers attack peaceful marches in W. Bank villages